Where Do We Start? We Are One – Learn It, Live It and Love It! (#5 of 7 Part Series)

A few moments ago I sat on the couch with my husband being absolutely intrigued by the PBS special we choose to watch entitled “First Peoples”. Ok, I guess this is where I put my plug in for supporting public broadcasting channels on TV and on the radio. Often these channels provide the opportunity for us to see and hear invaluable information about a vast mix of subjects from an objective point of view free from the necessity to conform to the demands of paid advertisers – plug over!

As I continue on in this 5 of 7 part writing series focused on answering the “Where Do We Start” question in regards to helping to heal the gaping wound of racism that is so deeply embedded in American culture and society, the program we watched tonight reminded me of a very fundamental truth; and that truth is certainly one that I believe. That truth is that We Are One!

Now, regardless as to whether your view about man’s (i.e. humanities) origin is based on a religious belief or scientific data, at this point in our evolutionary journey both religion and science now purport one fundamental shared belief and that is; that humanity originated from one couple in one place. Both refer to the original couple as being Adam & Eve and both conclude that the original place is Eden. Amazing!

Considering this, I believe a critical point for all people genuinely engaged in this healing process is for us to come to grips with the fundamental truth that “We Are One”! Therefore this whole “us” vs. “them” mentality that we have learned, that has created a whole  crap load of divisions among us; needs to be laid to rest and buried in our minds, in our hearts and in our conscious (and our subconscious but that’s a whole other issue). I think it is worth repeating and so I will take the liberty to repeat it again – this “us” vs. “them” mentality is learned and needs to be laid to rest and buried because my dear reader, we are not born this way.

The truth of the matter at a very fundamental level is that red, yellow, black, brown or white – at the very root of our core being, we are all the same and deserve to live a life experience that supports this basic truth. So, for today’s addition to the “Where Do We Start?” list of essentials, I add that it is imperative that we learn to live and to love this truth, and that we often remind ourselves that in regards to the significance of all humanity when it really comes down to it – We Are One!

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