Where Do We Start? Share Your Passion For Positive Change With The Next Generation! (#6 of 7 Part Series)

” I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…”

                                Lyrics from The Greatest Love of All – George Benson

Let’s face it! There are a lot of adults who are completely set in their ways with no plans of every changing their current viewpoints and beliefs regarding racism no matter what. In the face of racism they will just choose to try and rationalize the problem away. Some people admit boldly that they would prefer things “go back to how they used to be”, before the Civil Rights Movement. This is sad but it’s true. And unfortunately, the longer people tend to live, (i.e. the older they get) the less likely they are open to change.

Considering this sobering truth, it would behoove those of us engaged in helping to heal the gaping wound of racism that is so deeply embedded in American culture and society, to make sure that we share our passion for positive change regarding racism with our children.  Those who don’t have children can share it with the young people in their lives who are in their circle of influence.

The lyrics of the song remind us that our children and the younger generation are the leaders of tomorrow. One way we can help to create a better tomorrow is to teach them well today! There is absolutely no reason to wait until they are adults to get them engaged in this healing process. Besides, the majority of young people (excluding those who have strategically been influenced otherwise) are usually much more open, eager and comfortable with racial diversity than most adults. When we share our passion regarding this issue then we help to fan the flame in their lives and thus help to assure a better tomorrow!

So in this 6th of 7 writings I add to the “Where Do We Start” list of essentials to make it a point to share your passion with your children or other young people in you circle of influence. Let us all commit to teaching them well so that when they become Americas leaders of tomorrow they will already be heading in a positive direction!

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