This Thing Called Life!


“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life” – Prince
Prince Rogers Nelson, aka “Prince” will go down in history as one of the greatest artist ever known to the millions of people who love and will continue to love the music he created and shared with the world. Every since the announcement of his death/transition people have flooded social media to publicly mourn and celebrate his life and music. In reading and hearing many of the tributes, I have been particularly drawn to the words of one of his songs that have been posted on quite a few people’s FB posts in honor of him.

These words are those quoted above which say “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” I find these 14 words to be so simple and yet so profoundly and powerfully true. And actually as I consider the definition of prophetic (i.e.accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future.) these words definitely fall into that category as well.

I mean regardless of how any of us may feel about Prince as a person, musician and artist. Who among us can honestly deny that when it really comes down to the “crux of the matter” regarding life, those 14 words speak truth. (Ok before I go one with this, be assured that I already know that there are some, Ok, there are many who will automatically and adamantly deny that any words that came through the mouth of Prince can in any way be associated with any kind of truth that they can or will ever accept. And being that life is all about the choices we make for ourselves, then this perception of course is valid and perfectly OK! But I will go on.)

Anyway, for the rest of us, as we consider that after the miraculous reality of our birth, our next assignment on earth is to spend the next years of our existence getting through this thing called life! And with these 14 words, Prince took the pleasure of reminding us all of this simple truth. And in his own unique and exceptional musically artistic genius sorta way, he did it with a funky beat in the song entitled “Let’s Go Crazy”

Now although I do admit that in 1984 when this song came out, I along with other Prince music fans liked the song. And I’m also sure that on countless occasions I took pleasure in bee bopping around to “Let’s Go Crazy” when and wherever I heard it played. However, today as I read through all of the lyrics of the song to prepare to write this blog article, I realize that I never really knew more than the introduction and the bridge. It was the music and the funky beat that I liked most about this song. This of course is the story for most of us when we were younger and remains the story for our young people today. It is usually the music and the beat of a song that initially draw us and the appreciation or rejection of the words of the song come after that, if ever. Since sometimes we just purely like the beat and the music and never care for the words at all.

Reading the lyrics of the song “Let’s Go Crazy” today, some 32 years later I can honestly say that in my current life experience I personally draw the line at accepting some of the rest of the lyrics of the song “Let’s go crazy”. But even in spite of this, the beat and the music still for me create a bopping-of-the-head and a snapping-of-the-fingers kind of feeling. And when I consider this, I am both relieved and thankful.

I am relieved that in my own personal evaluation of my life, I have not (at this point anyway) “gone crazy”. (Ok and here is where I might add a note of clarity for the reader that may happen to think that anyone that believes differently than them is crazy. Uhhhh…No!  Just because someone may believe differently than you doesn’t make the other person crazy and you the sane one. It only only makes both of you people who have different beliefs. That is it. And it is in support of people having the courage to believe differently that this website was created! Ok, now that that’s out of the way, back to what I am thankful for.)

I am also thankful because during my experience called life, I have come to learn very well that I don’t have to agree with someone 100% to value, appreciate and possibly even receive guidance, advice, direction or to learn something from them. I realize that the truth of the matter is that we don’t even agree with our ownselves 100% of the time (go figure). And since this is true, it’s virtually impossible (and actually completely unrealistic) to think that we will do so in regards to others.

As we grow and mature in this thing we call life, we become keenly aware that we always have the capacity and freedom to pick and choose what we receive or reject from others. The challenge however may be with us being able to do so comfortably and free from guilt or the need for other people’s approval of our choice to do so. We are not, nor will we ever will be perfect. And neither are others, so people won’t always fit completely in the slots that we think they should fit and we won’t always fit in the slots other people think we should fit in.Sigh….(so let it go).

Have the courage to be open enough to learn and appreciate others but not necessarily in an “All or Nothing” type way. Receive from them whatever positively affects and/or inspires your life and leave the rest on the table for others. And finally let us all remember, as Prince so prophetically reminded us. That regardless of who we are, every single one of us alive are gathered here today and everyday to continue to get through this thing called life until we take our final breath. So let us commence to doing it as best we can at whatever station of life we currently find ourselves. Let us choose to make whatever necessary adjustments and changes we desire along the way. And let us allow others to do the same. And most importantly, let us all work together to do our part to the best of our abilities in helping ourselves and in helping others to get through this thing we call life. And let us try not to “Go Crazy” in the process!

Much Love & Peace!

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