Now vs. Yet and A Tip on How to Navigate Change

Transition and Change
Author Unknown

I saw this posted yesterday on the page of one of my FB friends (thanks for sharing Sally E.)! The words immediately resonated with me since once again I find myself in the familiar space between transition and change. After reading the post I realized it described my location precisely. You see I am right in the space between “Now” and “Yet” as it relates to doing what it takes to experience the change I desire.

The words for me were a timely reminder. Especially since I am now struggling with steps I’ve identified are prudent for me to take in my efforts to affect positive change in a certain area of my life. I’m sure you’ve probably been in this space during your lifetime as well. It’s part of our human experience.

Change Requires Time & Patience

Sometimes the steps we take towards effecting positive change in our lives come easy. Sometimes they do not. When the latter is true it can become quite a challenge to follow through and continue the journey towards whatever change we are seeking. We may even find ourselves saying that we “don’t get it”, or that “we can’t do this”. Or maybe even feeling that whatever steps we have taken are “not working”.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Thankfully I’ve done enough work on me to recognize the small gentle voice of Spirit, Love and Wisdom knocking gently on my heart reminding me to have patience with myself. I am reminded that most change takes time and requires our patience and ability to embrace the transitional space between cause and effect. Choosing to be gentle and kind to ourselves while trusting the process is essential. It seems I had somehow temporarily forgotten this essential principle. This is why I am thankful for reminders.

Navigating The Space Between Now and Yet

So yesterday I humbly received the sage advice and wise counsel that came from the words shared in my friends’ FB post. Though I was feeling temporary doubt and discouragement from being in the space between cause and effect. I vow to continue this transitional dance between “Now” and “Yet”. While keeping my eyes gazing towards the accomplishment of the positive change I desire.

If by chance you find yourself in a similar experience in your life. I share these words with you because I am acutely aware that words matter! And because they do I say this to you:

Have the courage to believe that just because you “don’t get it” or “can’t do this” or maybe even that what are doing “doesn’t work” right now, does not mean it will be that way forever. Just follow the instructions shared in the post and add the word “Yet” to whatever steps you have taken but have not mastered.

Humbly embrace the truth that, maybe you “don’t get it yet” or maybe you “can’t do it yet”. Or perhaps the steps you’ve taken aren’t “working yet”. But that doesn’t mean you will “never get it”. Or that you “can’t ever do it.” Nor, that “it will never work”.

Remember, as the post so resolutely stated in conclusion… “It may not be easy, but it doesn’t mean you’re never going to meet the challenge.” So stay the course. And until next time…

Much Love & Peace,

Carla Dee

2 Comments on Now vs. Yet and A Tip on How to Navigate Change

  1. Thank you so much for those words Carla! I find I’m in a place where I have this big goal to achieve and it starts with simply registering for a course yet, that has not been possible … for now. Your words have spurred me on to realise that I may not be going at the pace I’d like, but I’m moving forward.

    • Hey Nandi!It is always my pleasure and service to share words that help someone else in any way! Thanks for taking the time to comment! A wise woman I know once told me “Inch by inch it becomes a cinch” lol! So no matter what the pace. Just keep moving towards your goals!

      Much Love & Peace

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