Making Peace With Loss!


​There is something quite unnerving about the fear associated with loss.  This type of fear seems to have the power to control our thoughts, our emotions and our actions long before the loss ever actually happens. How is it that something that hasn’t yet even happened (and in some cases never will happen as we imagined it to happen anyway) can sometimes render us into a state of paralysis if not in our actions, then certainly in our minds and emotions and in some instances in every area of our life.Loss is defined as destruction, ruin, the act of losing possession, deprivation, the failure to gain, win, obtain or utilize and/or a decrease in the amount, magnitude or degree. From simply reading the definition of the word loss, there is no wonder why it summonses our deepest fears. I mean honestly, who is it among us that desire to experience this dreadful plight such as “loss”.

However, the truth of the matter is that all of us at one point or another will experience loss in our lives.
Loss is as much a part of the experience of life as peace, joy, hope and love. Loss, like change is inevitable. Some of the loss we experience is completely beyond our control. While other losses occur as a result of the choices we make in our lives. Regardless of the circumstance of our loss, it is seldom met with open arms.Yet, it is essential that we find a way to make peace with the losses that we will undoubtedly experience in our lives. We must learn to embrace loss just as we do change. Life requires us to understand that just as we have experiences of “gain” and “expansion” in our lives, there are times when we will also have experiences of “decrease” and “loss”. This is simply just the way it is whether we like it or not. And I am the first to admit, I don’t always like it (Ok maybe I never like it). However, I am also very well aware that life does not always bend in the direction of my likes and dislikes because although I believe I am significant (and so are you dear reader) the truth is, that this thing called life just happens to be so much bigger than both you and I and the collective us and we.

Considering this, let us have the courage to make peace with loss and change. Knowing that in the natural ebb and flow of life whatever it is that we are experiencing at any given time will not last forever. We may even find that once we make peace with this ebb and flow of life, then perhaps half our battle has already been won!

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