Letting Go, Surrender and Trust!


We live in such a control driven society that often any suggestions to “let go” or to “surrender” are met with much resistance at a minimum if not completely ignored.Unfortunately many of us have learned to associate ‘letting go” or “surrendering” with a unspoken but very present measure of failure on the part of the person who chooses such seemingly weak actions. We falsely believe that someone who is strong never “gives up” and never “gives in”. Strong people keep pushing through no matter what.Perseverance and persistence are highly valued characteristics that leave little room for “letting go” or “surrendering”.

However, the truth of the matter is that it actually takes a great amount of strength to “let go”or  to “surrender”. Giving up control is usually never easy at all. Yes,there are definitely times in our lives when we must push through.When we must  persevere. When we must persist. But this is not true in every situation and for every circumstance we encounter in our lives.Much to our frustration we must learn that there will be times when no amount of perseverance and persistence will shift the thing, the issue, the situation or the circumstance that we have found ourselves having to experience.It is during these times that we must embrace the idea that perhaps our best course of action is to “let go” and to “surrender” to a power that is greater than we are. For some this may be God. For others it may be an understanding of something else they have found that serves as a higher power in their lives. In either case, there are times when trusting the higher power in which we believe in is our best and sometimes our only course of action.Be assured, that coming to grips and following through with the decision to “let go” and to “surrender” is also a place of strength. And the only prerequisite required is that we have the courage to do it every once in awhile!

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