I’m Coming Out!

The expression “Coming Out” is often used to describe those within the LGBT community who have courageously made the decision to boldly share their truth in regards to their sexual orientation. Bravo to those who’ve done so, as well as those who at this very moment are preparing to do the same.
I am not a member of the LGBT community although I am a supporter for equal rights and inclusion of people in our society regardless of one’s race, culture, religion, class/social status or sexual orientation. #BeFree!

​My “Coming Out” story is referring to my own personal spiritual transition and journey. This includes my beliefs about God, Religion, Truth, Faith, Love and all the other facets of ones’ spirituality, (and there are many)! Initially, (which for me was about 7 years ago) I started allowing myself the freedom of “Having the courage to question” my beliefs and my belief system. At the time I was sure that I was just going through a temporary bout of doubt, questioning and over rationalizations which many of us experience in regards to our beliefs at one point or another. I believed it was just simply a “phase” that I would go through and eventually snap out of, or at minimum that I would come through to the other side finding myself even more fervent in what I had already believed. #HavingTheCourageToQuestion!However, this was not to be the outcome. What I know now is that for me this was merely a period of transition and transformation from a place where I was once comfortably encamped but where I would never be content again. And eventually I realized there would be no return to that place, but rather, only a deep appreciation and respect for having had the experience. The quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes  explains it simply -“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” #TransitionTransformationChange!

Somewhere along this journey, I decided to stop hiding and resisting the truth of my experience and to instead embrace that this transition, this transformation, this change in me is simply a permanent part of my own evolving spirituality. This blog space has been created solely as a place of support for people who may find themselves in a similar life experience and will benefit from knowing that they (or perhaps you) are not alone!  #YouRNotAlone!

It has taken many years and many life experiences for me to get to the point where I wholeheartedly believe that beneath all of the labels that describe our differences, when it comes down to the root of the matter, we are all very much the same. And in that sameness, we are all significant and worthy to be accepted as whoever we truly are in the world. #BeTrueToYou!

With a resounding YES, I can say that over the years I have changed! And YES, I am eternally grateful for the freedom I have to change. Especially when I believe the change may help in making a positive impact for the greater good. Changing the way we believe, and the way we think, is a freedom we all have that is only limited by our individual choices. #ChangeIsFree!

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