Hmmm….So It’s Time To Be More Vocal!!!

​I was vaguely watching the news earlier when I caught a little snippet of an interview where Renu Khator, president of The University of Houston was talking about the new Open Carry law in Texas.  She shared how that as of now they haven’t heard from many parents of potential future UofH students in regards to whether or not the law might dissuade them from sending their children to attend school there. In listening to this comment I knew immediately that it is time for me to be a little more (OK maybe a LOT more) vocal on this issue! Especially considering that the University of Houston is ONE of the schools where our son has been accepted and is very interested in attending because of the highly rated C. T. Bauer College of Business Wolff Center For Entrepreneurship.  And hello – YES, now we as parents of a potential future UofH student, ARE definitely concerned and reconsidering whether or not we want to send one of our greatest investments to the University of Houston in pursuit of his higher educational goals in this type of environment!

In Texas concealed guns will now be allowed by law, but “Each college and university may determine certain sensitive areas and buildings* where concealed weapons will continue to be prohibited.” Of course I am very clear that as long as we live in Texas that this is the new law with which we have to currently contend. However there is much room for advocacy when it comes to determining these “…certain sensitive areas and buildings* where concealed weapons will continue to be prohibited.”

So today I commit to join with other parents who are making their voices heard regarding this very important issue by joining Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. And now I know for sure that it is no coincidence that just earlier in a completely unrelated FB post (i.e. one posted about confronting the challenge of racial issues that continue to permeate our society) I ended with the popular quote “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”! This to me is most certainly true in regards to ALL of the social issue and challenges we face in our country.

So whatever social issue, challenge or injustice you, or those around you may be experiencing, consider that perhaps YOU are one of the one’s you’ve been waiting for! Consider perhaps that YOU are the one needed to be a change agent and to help make a difference! And then ask yourself, “What am I going to do about it?” As for me, I choose to be an agent of change. And in doing so I am reminded of something my son and his friends often say  in jest to each other when they are ready to make a move. They look at each other and someone says, “leggo” which simply means, and I say to you, “let’s go”!

To check out where your state stands regarding this matter click this link for the Armed Campuses website and then click on your state!

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