Today I Will Have The Courage To Forgive!

Yes! Today I will have the courage to forgive. This is one of the wisdom nuggets I posted on my facebook, instagram and twitter pages this week. Sometimes I create new ones to post. And at other times I feel inspired to reshare ones I’ve created in the past. This particular posting was one from the past.

I suppose some people who post daily probably have an organized sophisticated system they use to determine exactly which of their original affirmations, quotes or words of wisdom they will share each day with the world. I am one of those people who doesn’t have such a system.  Of course I have often created such a system in my mind. But that’s as far as it has gone.

I guess you can say that my process of choosing what I will post is more organic. More intuitive. At times inspiration comes during quiet times of meditation and prayer. At other times I am inspired by something I see, hear, or think about during my daily morning walks. And occasionally I know what to post purely based on intuition. Which I believe is the expression of Spirit working in and through me. This particular post was a result of the later.

Afterwards while scrolling through my emails that had actually made the cut from being automatically deleted. After reading through one of them. I clicked a link to a video that was being shared about a particular event that happened the prior month.As I watched the video showing activities that had taken place during the event. I suddenly came face to face (well actually face to computer screen) with a person whose very image immediately provoked a reaction in me that was not very positive. When I saw the person I could not deny the feeling of resentment, disappointment and a slight twinge of anger.

Why Was I Angry?

Let me explain. You see the person whose image caused this reaction in me was someone who had made a decision almost a year ago that resulted in what myself and several others felt was unfair and unjustified. We felt that it was a decision made at the whim of a person who was abusing their power and authority.

In protest some of us went through a lengthy legal process. Filing grievance paperwork, attending meetings and eventually having an official hearing regarding the matter. In the end. The person’s decision stood. And those of us in protest had to swallow the bitter pill that life teaches us along the way. Sometimes. Whether we like it or not. Life isn’t always fair.

However, I realized something important that day. After acknowledging my own reaction to seeing the person in the video. Then reflecting on the own post I’d felt inspired to share only a few minutes earlier. I realized I was holding a twinge of unforgiveness. Embracing this truth I knew exactly how I would make this post personal for me. I knew exactly what word to use to “fill-in-the-blank”. That word for me was “Forgive”.

After almost a year after the incident and carrying around the feelings of resentment, disappointment and a slight twinge of anger towards this person and the system that supported them. It was time for me to let it go. It was time for me to have the courage to forgive and to move on.  It was time for me to free myself from the negativity of the experience and open myself to embrace the life lesson learned (and in this case once again confirmed).

Confronting My Anger!

So right then and there I decided to pause. I took time to acknowledge how I was feeling at the moment and how I had been feeling for several months. I didn’t judge myself nor change the conclusion that an injustice had been experienced. It had. However, being open to Spirit and being committed to my own personal growth and development. I knew what choice would be best for me in an effort of being proactive towards living my best life.

And so, I did it. On that day I made a choice to have the courage to forgive. And I must honestly admit. After following through with this decision. I did immediately feel a little lighter. Because the truth of the matter is. That whether we admit it to ourselves or not. Carrying around resentment, disappointment and anger weighs us down.

Of course I cannot say how I will react the next time I come face to face with this person. However, what I can say is that now I will always have this experience as a point of reference. And if by chance when I do see them again. And if any remnants of resentment, disappointment or anger arise. I trust that Spirit will gently remind me about the day I had the courage to forgive. And if it is necessary. I will do it again and again until all the remnants have disappeared regarding this matter.

Yes! In efforts toward living my best life I will have the courage to forgive. What about you? What will you have the courage to do today? Remember. Make it personal!

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