As we here in the United States are getting extremely close to electing the person who will serve as the next Commander and Chief of this great nation; I’ve been thinking a lot lately about God, Religion and Politics. I’ve been thinking about how divided we are as the people in the United States when it comes to our beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, ideas, conversations, stances etc… about God, Religion and Politics. We may be people living in the United States, but we are definitely a markedly divided people living within these United States borders.Of course I am not the only one thinking about God, Religion & Politics. There are many of us, I would dare to say probably millions of Americans who are engaged in thoughts about these three critical elements of the American culture. Although on one hand one, the unwritten rule in American culture is that these subjects (along with how much money you make) are better left off the table of public discourse. We know that pertinent conversations about these matters are being discussed constantly. However, most of the intimate and honest conversations about these matters are happening in a vacuum.

What I mean by this is that generally we will only talk about God, Religion & Politics with those we know share the sames ideas and beliefs that we ourselves hold. For example, we have these conversations within the borders of “our” churches or “our” other religious places of worship, or within the confines of “our” homes only with “our” immediate family members and friends, or within the borders of the various social and civic groups we “ourselves” may be involved in with other people who share “our” similar beliefs.

So it appears that perhaps herein lies our challenge. We have learned to only be comfortable talking about God, Religion & Politics with other people who share our similar beliefs and not with those who may not.But that is not our only challenge. It seems that we have also learned to take the stance that those “other” people who don’t agree with us, and who may in fact, be adamantly opposed to our way of thinking, are automatically and absolutely wrong, and don’t even warrant us having civil conversations with them. We now, like the politicians, have resorted to a “Talking Point” kind of discourse with other people who don’t share our views. This dear reader is both a sad and dangerous disposition. And this is where we are in these United States of America.

My conclusion, it is definitely time for us to evolve!

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