Enduring The “In-Between Times”; The Space Between Things Falling Apart and Falling Back Together!

Life Quote by John Assaraf

Let me just start by saying that like most folks. I am not very fond of the inevitable but divinely planned “In-Between Times” experiences. The one’s that periodically happen to all of us during this thing we call life and living. However, I have found that enduring the in-between times is par for the course. If you’ve been gifted to exist on the earth long enough to reach what is referred to as the “summer” season of life. (In case you’re wondering it generally starts around age 40).Then I’m sure you’ve been adulting long enough to know exactly what I’m talking about.You know the times between when something in your life falls apart before falling back together in a new and different (and usually better) way.

Initially at the time of the experience. You can’t seem to fathom what “good” could possibly come from the interruption. The only thing you do know for sure is that your temporary state of “life is comfortable and convenient” is no more. So in a desperation to ward off discomfort and inconvenience. Your innate flight vs fight survival tendency results in a futile attempt of resistance. It is usually short-lived under the strength of the call and requests for the necessary impending change.

I have recently had another one of those life experiences that has ushered me smack-dab back in the space of an “in-between time”. Something had fallen apart in order to fall back together in a new and different way. And yes, true to form it has been both an uncomfortable and inconvenient experience. However, now that the temporary futile attempts of resistance have succumbed to surrender. And I find myself on the other side of the initial shock and awe of the experience and back into the divine space where grace always resides. I am good. Still not fond of the experience. I mean I wouldn’t call it one of my besties or anything of that nature.

Enduring The In-Between Times – There’s Hope!

However, I am now better able to see the experience as it is. I am now better able to recognize, understand and accept that once again in my life, the power that is greater than I, and has infinite wisdom beyond my capacity to fully grasp. Has also as true to form divinely orchestrated yet another blessing in disguise. And this is one of the reasons why I value and am thankful for my times of silence, meditation and prayer. It is during those times that I am centered and often reminded of the things I believe are true.

One of those things I believe and have found to be true in my life is knowing that Love/God is intentional. No experience is wasted. Not even the “in-between time” experiences. Believing this as truth both strengthens and enables me to endure the “in-between” times in life even though I am not fond of them. And for that, I’m eternally grateful!

In closing, my encouragement for you is to know that you too can endure the in-between times when they happen in your life! Consider the words in the quote by John Assaraf that have inspired this post. Develop the essential life skill of enduring the in-between times you will no doubt experience from time to time. And if you struggle with this idea because it presents a different way of believing. I hope that you will simply have the courage to believe differently!

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Much Love & Peace,

Carla D. Wilson Laskey

2 Comments on Enduring The “In-Between Times”; The Space Between Things Falling Apart and Falling Back Together!

  1. Vannie M Monroe | April 1, 2017 at 3:55 pm | Reply

    Once again, I applaud you for your life perspective. I concur that the “in between time” can be a bit janky but, I am thankful for the support of family that helps us to navigate these trying times.

    • Thank you! And you are so right! The support of family makes the navigation much more bearable! “Family, our refuge from the storm, our link to the past and our bridge to the future.” This plaque hangs by the front door in our home as a constant reminder.

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