Committing to Write Amid The Distractions of Living Life! Yes I Can But Will I?


Ok, it’s been a while since my last blog post! Yes, it is completely unbelievable to me but so very true. My intention when I started this blog was to post consistently like at a minimum once a week.  Hmmm…one need only look through my archive of postings to see that I have not adhered to that aforementioned intention sigh… What can I say except that there were too many distractions that I allowed to take precedence over my commitment to “write”. I am not proud to admit this obvious truth but denying the truth of it is both futile and deceptive. And while I’m at it, another truth I admit is that I know that in this experience we call life, it will always be this way. There will always be distractions hovering around every corner ready to steal my focus and my energy if I allow it. However, today is a new day, the first day of the rest of my life right? And so it is with you (wink).

Anyway, now that the summer break is officially over and school is back in session, at least a couple of my distractions are back in school so thanks to a new school year my distractions have automatically decreased a bit. But I know quite well that if I am not careful, other distractions will start vying for my attention and if I allow them to, and I succumb to them, then it will be another 3 months of inconsistent blogging. I do not want that to be my story. So today, I am making a declaration. And the declaration is; “I will post to this blog at least once a week come whatever distraction there might be!”

However, one very MAJOR difference in this school year compared to the last 4 preceding years is that I decided early on during the year that I would not be returning to my former position with the local school district. I made the decision that I would rather choose NOW to start creating my own life of “Bliss” as a freelance writer and aspiring author. I figured out what my “bare minimum” income needs are right now and I decided to pick up a few flexible part-time income flow side hustles to meet my bare minimum so I can commit more time and energy to doing what it is I believe I was created to do in the first place. I’ve decided to test the philosophy of “Do what you love and the money will follow!”Yep giving myself the side eye even as I type this but doing it anyway because I realize, if not now then when?

You see, I believe I was created to use words to inspire, motivate and encourage others. I believe I was created to write and speak and help other people excel and evolve and to perhaps have the courage to believe differently in one capacity or another for the greater good of all! You see, what I don’t believe is that I was born to forever spend hours and hours of time and energy engaged in activities that although I might do very well, leave me with that still small voice inside echoing “You should be doing something else!” In my case, the voice inside me was actually screaming and so I decided to no longer squelch, ignore or rationalize away the truth of those six words for me.

And so here I am, vulnerable, stepping outside of my comfort zone and boldly making the declaration to do what I love and to create my life of “Bliss” while fighting off the desire to play it safe, to stay put, to pacify myself by saying “one day I’ll yada yada yada”. The truth is that the perfect time to pursue your purpose and work toward achieving your dreams is always to be doing something towards those goals and dreams NOW! No matter how big or how small the action or step might be, the goal is make sure you are doing something NOW! So I leave you with two questions. What does living your life of “Bliss” look like? And, what are you doing about it NOW? I’d love to hear about it if you dare to share :-)!

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