Carla Dee Is Building Another Blog – Learning, Growing, Evolving & Sharing!

Hey there y’all it’s Carla Dee! That’s what my mother use to call me when I was growing up. I didn’t know until many years after her transition that one day simply hearing that name in my head would be such a term of endearment for me. However, now that I do know, I use it often!

Yep, I can actually hear her saying it now… Carla Dee! Stretching that Dee out like a melody to a song with the notes ascending up the scale combined with a resounding crescendo. She could always get my attention quick and in a hurry! Hmm…Ok, let me get myself together here.

Anyway, being that this is the numero uno blog post. Let me get to the nitty gritty about why I’ve created this blog just in case you may be wondering. Well…. it actually can be credited to a couple of transitional life experiences that occurred in my life almost seven years ago – Wow!

Both of these experiences were major (in my opinion anyway). And let me just be honest about this. Yes, I have been told on more than one occasion that I can at times be very opinionated. Ok I said it and I do accept this truth about myself. It simply “is what it is” and I still love me some me, opinionated and all. And I’m movin’ on.

At first the stuff I was writing was for my eyes only. Yep, I did it incognito with the idea that I would publish it later when I “was ready” (i.e. code for when I was courageous enough to believe differently out loud). And plus I didn’t want to birth a premature blog baby. But eventually I did…actually a couple of them. Hmm…just tellin’ the truth. Good thing is that often we learn by doing so the silver lining in the cloud is that I was learning all along the way so that I could get HERE! Yay!

Truth is I’m still on the journey that’s for sure. However now I’m pretty darn comfortable about sharing what I wrote back then as well as all the stuff since then. I’m evolving y’all! On top of that…I’ve crossed over into the fifties. And just in case you don’t know about the fifties let me tell you. To be quite blunt, most people who are fifty or older pretty much don’t give a flying @#$! about what other people think or have to say about things concerning them. Let’s just say the “f” in fifty stands for “free”.

  1. Free to be authentically who you are no matter what.
  2. Free to be comfortable in your own skin about you own life experience.
  3. Free to be true to who and how you are!
  4. Free to let other people be who and how they are!
  5. Free to speak your own truth and let the chips fall where they may.
  6. Free of the need or desire to be liked by everybody. (That shits just never gonna happen. Let it go people. Let the idea completely go! Find your people/your tribe and let other people find their people/their tribe and be happy!)

(By the way, kudos for those of you who learn these lessons before you’re fifty!)

In this blog space I’ll be bringing the past and the present together in one place. It’ll be a smorgasbord of my own insights, and commentary about what I’ve learned and am learning along the way about various aspects of life and living and of course about having the courage to believe differently!

Ok truth is I’m still figuring it out too (we all are, and don’t let anybody fool you into believing that they have it ALL figured out cuz they don’t!) So I’ma  just keep doing what I love to do! Reading and writing and sharing and taking one step at a time in the direction of my authenticity and strongly encouraging you to do the same!

So there you have it folks! I’m buckled up and ready to take this ride. Don’t know at this point exactly where it’s gonna take me. But I do believe deep down in the core of my being that it’s gonna be a fun and exciting ride!





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