The Beginning of Something New!

So yesterday was Sunday, January 1, 2017. The very first day of a spanking brand new year. I don’t know if you’ve thought about it like this, but the first day of the year is literally the one and only day in the year that regardless of our various individual life situations and circumstances, we are all automatically rewarded with a fresh new opportunity to begin again. It is the one and only day in the year that we all get the opportunity to press the start button and become the master creators of the beginning of something new in our lives. Is that not an absolutely phenomenal thing?And the answer is an astounding YES! It is absolutely a phenomenal thing!

The year of 2016 is now officially sealed and part of our past. And I must say that I am slap happy glad that it’s over. And for those of you who may be wondering whether or not I know, understand and believe in the significance of “living in the present moment” and all the enlightenment that results from such an understanding and belief. The answer yes. I do grasp the significance of such an enlightened way of believing.

However, in being true to myself and to you,I must be completely honest here in admitting that at some point last year I most certainly did join the bandwagon of many others. This bandwagon was stocked full of people (like myself) who were more than ready to wrap of 2016 with an eager anticipation and readiness to move onto the next year. Had any of us been able to tap into time travel we’d have wrapped 2016 up long ago.I guess you could say we’d all just had enough of the “Presence of Now”and our eyes gazed over to the hope of better times in the coming new year. Sorry Eckhart Tolle, but the truth is just the truth and all of us are still growing in our enlightenment. (At least hopefully we are).

Reflections of 2016 revealed that some of us seemed to have experienced just a little bit more than our share of the annual average agreed upon amount of expected disappointments that we had in our minds eye (as they say in psychology). Of course some of those disappointments were small and just a little irritating and annoying. But then there were the others. The major ones.You know, the ones that reach all the way down into the core of who you are and make you ponder the question “What in the “h” “e” double hockey sticks? You mean to tell me he actually won?Yes…for some of us, 2016 was a very challenging year.

But then came yesterday.The first day of 2017. It arrived busting over and beaming with the potential of new, exciting or just plain old different possibilities along with a renewed vigor and energy slanted towards positivity. And the great news is that if you happen to be reading this post then guess what? You are here. (Side note:click here to listen to Alicia Keys remind us of a few viable reasons that we are all here. I really LOVE this song and am sure now I’ll be singing it for the rest of the day but let me get back to this post). Anyway.Yep, you have successfully made it through 2016 and are safely into 2017. And having done so you can now consider that perhaps the challenges of the year gone by have made you just a tad bit stronger and wiser because of, and in spite them. (Again,at least hopefully this is the case).

So here you are in January 2017 at the beginning of something new. Breathe the freshness of that in for a few seconds. And when you’ve done that, then begin to ponder the possibilities. What are you planning to do with this fresh new opportunity? How are you going to spend the next 364 days of the year? What will it take for you to make the best of this spanking brand new year?

Of course, you are the only one who has the freedom to honestly answer these questions for yourself. But as you do. I encourage you to have the courage to believe that you are in a prime position to make this your best year ever.I encourage you to have the courage to believe that you can and you will do and be whatever is required in order for you to live well in every area of your life. And finally, I encourage you to have the courage to just be you. And to be the best you that you can be. Remembering always that the choice to do these things is both in your hands, and in your head!

Happy 2017! I hope you have an incredible year! My intentions are definitely set on doing so!

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