January 2016

Making Peace With Loss!

​There is something quite unnerving about the fear associated with loss.  This type of fear seems to have the power to control our thoughts, our emotions and our actions long before the loss ever actually happens. How is it that something that hasn’t yet even happened (and in some cases…

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Don’t Be Muzzled!

As you set your intention on living authentically you will undoubtedly experience times when saying what you believe to be true for you will not always be received well. As a matter of fact, others may even attempt to muzzle your voice and your spoken truth. Especially if what you…

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I’m Coming Out!

The expression “Coming Out” is often used to describe those within the LGBT community who have courageously made the decision to boldly share their truth in regards to their sexual orientation. Bravo to those who’ve done so, as well as those who at this very moment are preparing to do…

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