Meet Carla!

I love to read and write! I honestly believe one of the reasons I was created is to use words to inspire, motivate and encourage others in whatever ways I can. Blogging is one of the ways I’ve chosen to do it!


For the last several years I’ve been on a journey of re-evaluating my spirituality (i.e. my beliefs and my belief system). I do still remain a believer in a greater power that I believe is in us all, that connects us all and that we are all a part of. I happen to call that power God/Spirit. However, what I believe about God and spirituality has changed or more accurately, has expanded significantly during those years.

Throughout this experience I have learned that all change requires Having The Courage To Believe Differently. What I’ve also learned is that making the decision to choose a different way of believing or thinking about something isn’t easy for most people and I was no exception. However, I must admit that I did find a tremendous amount of encouragement and support on-line through reading about other peoples’ stories, experiences and points of view shared in blogs posts and comments. Thanks to all of you. Every last one of you!

Truth is, we never know what we might say that could possibly be exactly what somebody else needs to hear to help them along the way. I love how and when that happens. So I figured the least I could do is to pay it forward. I guess you could say I’m gonna do a Ghandi . I’m building the kinda blog I want to see in the world – lol!


Nope, not at all! Although that was what spurred my initial blog posts when I first started. This blog has evolved! I’ll be writing posts about a variety of other things that interest me as well. You’ll find general posts about life and living, personal development, marriage and family, issues dealing with race, culture, activism and social issues, and of course the miscellaneous stuff (i.e. whatever other interesting subjects come to mind at the time I sit down each day to write). 


My commitment to be honest, transparent and (according to what I’ve been told about my writing) sometimes a little bit humorous in sharing content that is :

  • Interesting
  • Insightful!
  • Encouraging!
  • Inspirational!
  • Motivational!
  • Thought – provoking! 

 (Clears throat) CAN YOU HELP ME OUT?

Ok, I know I have my nerves to be asking you for something right now? But just bear with me on this. The help I want from you is real easy stuff. It’s stuff that as Oprah would say “I know for sure” you can do! Ok here it is. If I do my part in writing interesting, insightful, encouraging, inspiration, motivational, thought-provoking and sometimes humorous content. Then I’d like to ask you to help me out by:

  1. Coming back and visiting often!
  2. Respectfully sharing your comments, stories, experiences and personal point of view!
  3. Sharing this blog with your people/tribe/anyone you feel/think might be interested!
  4. Coming back and visiting often! (I have learned the proverb”repetition is the mother of all learning” is really true so I have bolded all of the repetition for you – lol!)

Will you do that for me? I hope so! And btw – THANKS in advance for all your help (wink wink)!

So, until the next time…

Much Love & Peace,

​Carla Dee


  1. I am the 7th born child of  my mother.
  2. Here are ​Seven words my “Inner Circle” people (i.e. those few who know me better than anyone on earth) used to describe me : Uplifting, Optimistic, Open, Positive, Energy, Bright, Strong. BTW Thanks “my people”, you know who you are!
  3. I love eating good food prepared by others and would love having my own personal chef!
  4. Seven other things I LOVE : My Family, My Friends, Reading, Writing, Laughing, Observing and Smiling 
  5. Sitting on the  beach watching the waves clashing and tides rolling in is one of my most favorite places to rest and relax !
  6. My favorite artist is India Arie!
  7. ​I believe I was created to motivate and encourage others by using words through writing and speaking to Help Other People Excel and Evolve. (H.O.P.E)!