Having The Courage To Believe Differently!

Welcome to the Having The Courage To Believe Differently Website, Blog! This space was created with one very simple purpose in mind. To be a virtual place of support and encouragement for people who have chosen to believe differently about one thing or another. And for those who aspire to! 

The Why?

Now “Why” you may ask  do people who “believe differently” need a virtual place of support? Well, I’m glad you asked, because the answer to that question is simple! If any of you have ever had experiences or moments of awakening in your life that have totally changed or shifted the way you once believed about something. Then you probably also know that being the one that  “Believes Differently” can sometimes be a very awkward and lonely place for a while.

The What?

​With this being so. As you navigate through the transition of your changing beliefs. It’s always helpful to know that you are not alone. And that there are other people in the same or similar situation as you. It also helps to get little doses of enCOURAGEment along the way. This tends to help make the transition just a wee bit smoother. 

Now if this in any way sounds like YOU, then pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea (or whatever your favorite beverage is) and find a nice cozy space where you can relax and spend some time here in this virtual safe space. You can browse through the blog posts. And, if you would like, you can also feel free to share your comments and your story (i.e. your experience). Even if for now you have to do it incognito. Sharing your story and the truth of your experience can be absolutely liberating for you as well as for others!

And you can be comfortable and assured knowing, the “Rules of Engagement” here or quite simple: Be supportive, be encouraging and be respectful.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll visit again real soon!

The HTCTBD Tribe

Who You Are?

  1. You’re someone who’s believed something for a very long time only to realize that now your belief has CHANGED!
  2. You never thought you’d ever be in this place in your life, but the truth is that you ARE because you’ve CHANGED!
  3. Your new way of believing makes you  different from others in your circle because now you believe DIFFERENTLY!
  4. You may not be quite ready to let others know what you BELIEVE has CHANGED so you keep it all to yourself!
  5. You’d like to talk with others about how you’ve CHANGED but you don’t know of anyone with whom you can share! 
  6. You realize now more than ever that changing beliefs requires COURAGE!